open call 2019

BITES is a platform that addresses the notion of research in dance.
BITES tries to facilitate the space for people curious about making,
experimenting and discussing processes around dance and choreography.
It is an ever-changing platform that transforms its content and format through every edition.

This years BITES is dedicated to individual research projects.
We realize that due to the contemporary mode of production in dance,
makers often lack space and time that are not directed towards the final result.
Our interest this year is to establish a temporary residency program
which would allow artists to do a research based on their personal proposal.
As a platform we will offer you space to work and professional support in a form of
feedback sessions or conversations with several artists that we will propose.
At the end of the residency we will organize a sharing session in which we expect you
to present your process and (if interested), your result.

We are looking forward to receiving your:

Research proposal that contains:
-A point of departure for your research/ WHAT
-A preliminary methodology of work/HOW
-A context in which you would like to conduct the research / WHERE
*We are aware that ideas might change, but we encourage you to formulate
a proposal based on which we will make a selection of artists.

Your CV or Portfolio or Biography or Vimeo link.. or everything!

Please send two documents (in Word or PDF) to before October 25th!